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The ANDY Acronym for Change

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I often get asked by new project and change managers about what are the key things that they should be doing. This obviously depends, to some extent, on the change and the specific organisation but there are some general actions that project and change managers should do in nearly all circumstances.

I’ve had some really positive feedback that the ANDY acronym is a helpful reminder of four key areas. New project and change managers have been using this as a quick way to regularly check that they are covering the basics.

A - Authority - make sure you have senior management buy in or the likelihood of successful and sustainable change reduces

N - Network - build a network of people to help inform and deliver the change, building on existing change and initiatives

D - Detailed plans - you don't need to have every task and date pinned down but you do need to have a plan on how you will achieve the change - what are your outputs and outcomes

Y - Yell it from the rooftops - you can have the most amazing change in the world but people need to know about it - communicate using multiple mediums and repeat your message

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